No one owes you a living. No government, company or individual. If you want to maintain or increase your standard of living, then you need to invest in it now…

Why is it so critical to invest today?

As the 3 major systems are systemically broken…

We live in a world today, where governments throughout the world are printing money. They`re literally creating money from thin air, that is not backed or secured by any asset whatsoever. Most first world governments have so much debt that if their financial position, their A&L statement were ever to be assessed by any rational standard, then they would be declared insolvent.

After the 2008 global financial crisis and all the shenanigans that went on and are still going on within the banking industry, where next to no banks or individuals were ever prosecuted but instead, were all given major bailouts, including recently substantial bailouts with this Covid-19 plague and at the same time, are now only guaranteeing savings to £85K, EU €100K etc. How can anyone possibly have any confidence or trust in our banking system?

The pension model was birthed from the industrial age. It was founded on the principle of the perpetual cycle of humans starting work at 16/18 years old, contribute part of their income into a pension until retirement at 65. However, this dynamic is no more. Globally “Baby Boomers” are retiring in mass, while millennials are either at Uni, unemployed, entrepreneurs or wanting to retire now, all of which do not contribute to pension companies.

What happens when you stop or can’t work, or you become ill? How are you going to maintain your lifestyle, pay for your house or food?

So how do I create wealth?

With funds that are either owned or resourced by you that are invested into an investment vehicle that produces a yield above all costs, including inflationary costs.

Would you travel using a bicycle if you lived in the UK and intended to go for a 2 week holiday in the Maldives? No, you would travel by airplane to get you there on time, so you can have an amazing holiday for the full 2 weeks and leave on time.

Put another way…

invest the funds in the intended investment,

What investment sectors do
RWL Capital have investments in?


(Baby Boomers market only)
Property Developments Pre-planning and Equity
Managed properties with fixed rental amounts and terms


Various business


New start-ups
Expanding existing businesses
Business buy-outs

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Jonathan has mastered the art of negotiating investments. He is extremely competent and confident in all things pertaining to property & commercial investments. His in depth knowledge and understanding of the economy from a fiscal and macro level is exceptional. Hence why he has a treasure trove of Investors awaiting to know his next investment opportunity.

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Craig has a holistic knowledge and understanding of all things pertaining to bridging and development lending. Consistently keeping abreast of the credit markets, monitoring and foreseeing any variants in lending policy and liquidity. He is also a stickler for details. Meticulous and diligent come second nature to Craig, complimented with a pragmatic approach to all lending or compliant dynamics.

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